Sleep Party People’s Brian Batz had really harnessed the power of the internet and digital streaming to build up a fanbase that touched all corners of the globe. Most bands typically build up a core fan base in their home country before striking out into the world, but Sleep Party People seemed to strike the right chord with a diverse and far reaching group of global fans almost right away.

For the “Fainting Spell” video, he wanted to give the fans from across the globe an opportunity to come together and be part of the music video. Back in April, the Sleep Party People website was launched with instructions on how to create your own Sleep Party People bunny mask and submit photos for the video. SPP received hundreds of fan submissions, and cut those directly into the video alongside footage of Brian.
The video depicts a faceless Sleep Party People fan creating their own mask as they watch Brian singing on a TV, interspersed with fan images and videos. The video was directed by Ryan Valdez